Presentation at Spoke 4 on Quantifying the Effect of Climate Change on Extreme Events

On November 3rd, 2023 I have presented our ongoing project at the Spoke 4 “Giornata di Studio“, Universit√† Ca’‚Äč Foscari Venezia.

Our research is focused on “Quantifying the Effect of Climate Change on Extreme Events,” and specifically, we’re delving into the topic of meteorological droughts. Droughts, with their nonlinear characteristics in space and time, are one of the most challenging and least understood climate phenomena.

In our study, we’re developing novel econometric methods to tackle this intricate issue. We’re investigating the relationship between climate oscillations and drought through a multivariate heavy-tailed model. To do this, we’re harnessing different indices, with the Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) taking a central role.

The SPI quantifies observed precipitation by standardizing it as a departure from a chosen probability distribution function, which models the raw precipitation data. This index is recognized as the global standard for quantifying and reporting meteorological drought.

We aim to incorporate temperature and soil moisture data, as we believe this is essential to grasp the impact of rising temperatures, which are a significant aspect of climate change, on moisture demand and availability.

You’ll find us during the Parallel Session WP3, starting at 2 PM. There’s going to be a Discussion at the end of all presentations, we’ll be happy to hear your feedback.

Here‘s the full Spoke 4 full program.

Here you can find more information about GRINS:

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